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Paris city, in France : Are you happy?

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sonia Posted the 10 May 16 at 05h39

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hello everyone,
i would just to ask you if you are happy with your life, and why?

L’homme ne peut aboutir qu’à des à peu près.

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sami4 Posted 15 Aug 17 at 21h00

Registred 18/02/2012
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One World One Life

mutje3 Posted 21 Jul 16 at 11h39

Registred 21/07/2016
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karin2 Posted 10 May 16 at 17h44

Registred 07/08/2014
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it depend of the day

Aimer, c'est trouver, grâce à un autre, sa vérité et aider cet autre à trouver la sienne. C'est créer une complicité passionnée.

alice1 Posted 10 May 16 at 06h34

Registred 27/03/2016
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yes i am ;)

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