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Krakow city, in Poland : Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour Including Hotel Pick-Up

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Visit one of the world’s oldest working salt mines that has been producing table salt for over 700 years! Your English-speaking guide will take you 140 meters underground on a 2.5-hour journey into the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

The more than 2.5-kilometers long route is full of chambers with amazing carvings, statues, mining machines, and equipment, where everything is made of salt. To reach the first level of the mine, which is 64 meters underground, you have to descend a wooden stairway with 378 stairs. At the end of the tour, you’ll travel to the surface by elevator.

Over the centuries, miners developed a tradition of carving sculptures out of the rock salt. You’ll find entire underground churches, altars, and dozens of life-size statues on 9 underground levels. There’s an underground museum and special-purpose chambers, including a sanatorium for those suffering from respiratory ailments.

The Chapel of the Blessed King is the largest of the chapels, and is located more than 100 meters underground. There’s also a subterranean lake that’s been open to visitors since the early days of mining operations.

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