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Paris city, in France : Bilbao Meeting Mundiala 2016 (10-12 juin)

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david Posted the 20 Apr 16 at 13h50

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L’année 2016 est pleine d'incertitudes, mais il y a des choses qui ne changent jamais...

Comme tous les deux ans, la communauté de Couchsurfing de Bilbao célèbre son Meeting Mundiala ; un grand événement organisé par des volontaires et sans but lucratif. Et cette fois, cela aura lieu le week-end du 10 juin au 12 juin!

Le 4ème Bilbao Meeting Mundiala sera rempli d’activités variées à choisir. Notez la date dans vos calendriers et préparez votre voyage!

Soyez attentifs! Nous vous donnerons bientôt plus de détails.


2016 has begun shrouded with uncertainty, but some things never change...

Every two years Bilbao's Couchsurfing community hosts the Meeting Mundiala, a non-profit event organized by volunteers, and this year it will be held on the weekend of June 10-12!

The 4th Bilbao Meeting Mundiala will be filled with a variety of events to choose from. Mark your calendars, and start planning your trip!

Stay tuned! We'll be posting more details soon.


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david1 Posted 20 Apr 16 at 13h58

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Hi guys!

Many of you are interested in this event and asked what to expect. You guys jus worry about the trip and the accomodation heurux

This event is made every 2 years; this is our 4th edition. For now, the activities are coming together; soon we will post the program.

The event takes place in Bilbao, the north of Spain. It is a beautiful region of Spain that we have everything; mountains, the sea and beautiful beaches, great food, great museums... What's not to like? This world meeting is focus on getting to know the city, our culture; Bilbao and Basque Country (that's the name of the region) is really different from other parts of Spain and we want to show you guys what makes it special.

As for now, we are planning the following activities, but more will come:

2 hiking trips: San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (google it) and Artxanda/Pagasarri hills

2 beach sport events: beach-volley and Basque traditional sports

2 guided tours: Bilbao's Old district and Guggenheim Museum

2 lunches at breweries.

1 Cooking workshop at least!

2 dancing classes: Samba and Swing!

2 parties: one welcome party on Friday and one on Saturday. Drinks and dancing!

1 farewell coffee event.

Hope this description of the event was useful for you and for the rest who read it and you could take part on it. Just sit tight for now and make sure to have your plane tickects and accomodation :)

Bye and see you soon,


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